Wylanbriar Gundog Training

Emphasis on communication, enjoyment & cementing solid basics to build on!
From puppies & absolute beginners to more experienced dogs
and handlers ready to progress forward.

Wylanbriar Gundog Training for “Gundogs and Fundogs”.  We base our training around the idea of building a partnership with your dog. Laying solid foundations and nailing the basics PROPERLY so they flow nicely and consistently whatever the level of distraction around the dog. A well behaved dog is usually a much happier dog, a happy relaxed dog knows its boundaries clearly, knows black from white and is there ready to progress to wherever your ambition, ideals, and his potential, can take him!


*   Regular training classes from Beginner, to the more experienced dog and handler.

* Special Themed training days and half days throughout the year tackling a variety of areas of Gundog work.

* Unique progressive gundog training *courses* with homework sheets.

*  Half day, targeted workshops tackling most areas of gundog work

* Small group ‘private hire’ training offered at a variety of grounds.

* Other regular special events and classes :-)


Working, pet and showbred Gundogs welcome !!

Wylanbriar Gundog Training is based in Sussex,
with training days and events held throughout our various East and West Sussex grounds!!

We realise not everyone wants to shoot, compete or ever hold a piece of game in their hands, and that’s why we also specialise in pet dogs who want to enjoy outdoor training in a controlled but enjoyable atmosphere.

News Flash: Welcome to our new Training website  -  New article added: Types of Retrieves Explained – Lots of courses see our Diary page.

Wylanbriar Gundog Training: Gundogs and Fundogs
…. because training your gundog SHOULD be fun!!

Wylanbriar Gundog Training is part of Wylanbriar Labradors

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