” I just wanted to say how much Wiggins and I are enjoying our gundog classes. They always seem to be pitched just right so that Wiggins and I are both stretched but within our ability. From day one it was such a relief to see that difficulties were simply seen as something to be expected that can be helped with rather than to be criticised for. This frees one up to really listen to what you are saying rather than just feeling a failure!

I recommend you wholeheartedly to everyone! ”

Angela and Wiggins


” I have been training with Diana Stevens for approximately 3 years; an excellent and innovative trainer who has the unique ability of being able to “read” each dog and adjust methods to suit each individual accordingly.  An inspired problem solver, brilliant people skills and first class communicator, all the dogs adore her.  I would not hesitate to recommend her. ”

Sue Mintram-Mason


“Even though we don’t come from a shooting background we very much want our two labrador retrievers to be well behaved, reach their potential and enjoy life. The outdoor training  at Wylanbriar has always been fun and differentiated to suit the level of our dogs and us as handlers. After every training session we always feel we have achieved with our dogs and progressed towards our goal as well as having had a good laugh with like-minded people. Thanks Di for your support and encouragement, we now have a great hobby that we can enjoy in the lovely countryside with our much adored girls trotting alongside us! “

Kirsty, Paul, Meadow and Brook


” Even before I meet Di I knew from her responses to my questions via email that she was welcoming and inclusive. I wanted to train my lab as after all he was breed for it.  But as a vegetarian who only agreed with the less traditional methods I felt like I wouldn’t be welcomed. I was totally wrong. Yes Di trains seriously committed working gundogs but I’ve also been welcomed.  I may fall into the fundog category at the moment but as I have thoroughly enjoyed the training days I have decided to take my new puppy to the next level and progress to the more demanding classes.  I am so glad to have found Wylanbriar. ”

Mrs A. Cambridgeshire


” Coming from Jersey with No experience of gundog training, Di accepts us and makes everything fun, but also we have learned so much that has even changed the dogs in everyday exercise, so they are more tuned in to me.  ”

Christine Sheppard


” Have had so much help from Di in getting a wayward dog on the straight and narrow, after each lesson I go home feeling more positive and remember the helpful comments, she works on the main problems first, heeling, stop whistle. Even in a big class every dog gets his fair time of attention and she isn’t afraid to overrun her lessons ”

Kitty Keeley


” Di has great empathy with both dog and handler which makes her such a great trainer.  Her passion for dogs is so evident just by watching her at work.  Training classes are tremendous fun and she will push both dog and handler to help them achieve.  Whatever the training situation each dog is treated as an individual to accommodate their own particular needs.    I always leave a session feeling I’ve achieved something and that anything is possible! ”



” I have trained with Di @ Wylanbriar Training for the last three years and would not even consider changing to another trainer despite the fact that many others are nearer to my home. Di is an amazing trainer who not only makes every session fun for both dogs and owners but also gears her practices to the individual needs of each dog ensuring that they can make the progress of which they are capable. Her knowledge, experience and love for dogs and training comes through in each session and I would certainly recommend anyone interested in getting the best from their dog to come and train with this lovely, fun person who is inspiring and encouraging throughout every training session. ”

Cathy Brooks


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