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All bookings for Wylanbriar Gundog Training events and classes take place through our Facebook group at: ‘Wylanbriar Gundog Training:



Please advise if you would like to attend any Training Class/Day as soon as possible so that I can advise you, if for some reason, it had to be cancelled at the last minute, however prepayment is not currently necessary for our Puppy/Beginner, Novice, Intermediate or Open 2 hour class sessions. All other events, workshops and training days require prepayment in full.


Payment will not be refunded / will still be required, if the client cancels, for whatever reason, after the booking has been placed. The exception being, if they can find a suitable replacement for themselves – Please do check if I have any reserves before doing so.


Class ‘Standard’  definitions:


1) Puppy/Beginner: Blank canvas dogs completely new to gundog training. Also Dogs not new to it but with real concentration and control issues. Also Puppies from 6 months to whenever we feel they are ready for Novice.


2) Novice class. Dogs that walk well to heel on lead, are developing walking offlead with distractions. That retrieve pretty willingly and have the control to *mostly* come back with that retrieve pretty cleanly. Dogs that are raw and nothing is ‘finished’ but they can concentrate for 1.5 hours happily and are used to behaving in a controlled training environment around other dogs. This class will START stop whistle. START simple left, right and back handling. START memory retrieves. START being steady and honouring other dogs retrieving, START offlead heeling. START teaching a dog to deliver nicely and things of this level.


3) Intermediate class…. all of the above, plus dogs that have a fair knowledge of the stop whistle even if unpredictable with it. That understand memory retrieves very well indeed, and are ready to START to move on to learning about blinds. That know left right and back handling FAIRLY reliably both from a static position on a seen dummy and on a dummy they may not know is there. Have done a fair bit of gundog training. Delivers mostly to hand. Have experience entering water and jumping small jumps. That are steady enough to walk up offlead with only occasional corrections of heelwork etc etc WITHOUT shot, and maybe a little more interference WITH shot (That are not lunging and plunging on the end of a loop or a lead, basically).


4) Open Class. Mostly dogs who are currently running in NDNH or Novice competitions or are under pretty much complete control and have had pretty extensive regular gundog training. Who are reliable on the stop whistle, confident on simple blinds, can walk up without restraint of any sort and are steady to shot, and other dogs working without being held or restrained in any way or verbally nagged to stay. That are fairly confident with water and fences. That deliver (mostly) to hand ( so a dropped delivery would SUPRISE you, rather than be the norm). That will stop and handle pretty reliably at fair distances.

This is not exhaustive as a description of each class, questions welcome.


We use several grounds around East and West Sussex.

(Please ask for more detailed directions)



All classes will be £20 per session for Puppy/Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Open

(2 hour classes).



Please see the Diary page for the upcoming dates and latest information.



Contact: Diana Stevens: 01903 755963   /  0771 4458944



“Di has great empathy with both dog and handler which makes her such a great trainer.  Her passion for dogs is so evident just by watching her at work.  Training classes are tremendous fun and she will push both dog and handler to help them achieve.  Whatever the training situation each dog is treated as an individual to accommodate their own particular needs. I always leave a session feeling I’ve achieved something and that anything is possible!”


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