Themed Gundog Workshops



WGT Workshops are run on a HUGE range of topics, designed to, step by step teach the dog, and handler, how to improve that particular area of gundog work, and/or behaviour. Each come with a explanation/homework sheet to recap everything discussed and practiced at the workshop, and so progress can continue long after the workshop.

All are run approximately every 6 months and are 2.5 hours long.


Currently offered:

For dogs from beginner class standard upwards:

  • ‘Mr & Ms Sociable’   -  Looking at increasing general control, improving response to recall in social situations and making walk time a happier place :-)
  • ‘Heel Not Tow’  -  Good heelwork, loose lead walking and compliance to the heel command covered, step by step stripping back problems and building for gundog work OR just everyday life.
  • ‘Quiet Authority’   -  Balancing respect with a happy daily relationship with your dog from puppy to adulthood and all the issues related, therefore, becoming a more productive handler.
  • ‘Knowing Me, Knowing you’  -  An indepth look at our relationship with our dog, its individual quirks and character traits and how we can raise our training ceiling by understanding this better.
  • ‘Puppy Start Rite’   -  A discussion half day to talk through all parts of starting our relationship with, and training a puppy correctly to increase the chance of owning a well mannered older dog.



For dogs from Novice class standard upwards:

  • ‘Stop Look and Listen’  -  Teaching all aspects of the stop whistle, from the complete start to use for more advanced dogs.
  • ‘Signed Sealed and Delivered’   -  Gaining a rock solid delivery to hand on all types of retrieves, step by step.
  • ‘Get Over Yourself’  -  Teaching dogs to jump and tackle obstacles with confidence, methodically.
  • ‘Memories are made of this…‘  -  Improving and increasing a dogs memory and ability to pick retrieves that require using his memory.
  • ‘Hunt up Success’  – Starting the hunt command and covering all basic aspects of teaching a dog to hunt successfully.
  • ‘Walk Up Workshop’   -   A close look at all aspects of walking up with our gundogs and tackling some of the major issues and problems involved.
  • ‘Rock Steady Eddie’   -   Creating steadiness in the gundog until asked to retrieve. A hugely problematic area of work for many, especially when enthusiastic about retrieving.
  • ‘Get Direction!‘  -  Starting the very important skills of handling in the gundog… left, right, back made simple, step by step.


 For dogs from Intermediate class standard upwards:

  • ‘Textbook Marking’  -  Covering all aspects of teaching a dog to mark.
  • ‘Blind Faith’  -  Tackling the difficult area of progressing to blind retrieves with confidence.
  •  ‘More Memories are made of this….‘ An advanced look at increasing the power of the dogs memory to improve his work on more difficult memory retrieves.
  • ‘Hunt up More success’  -  a more advanced look at hunting and all the aspects attached to it.
  • ‘Chain Reaction’   -  Starting to put together multiple ‘handles’ and the dog have confidence in this.
  • ‘Stop Look and Listen HARDER’   -   More advanced Stop whistle exercises and work to improve response and understanding.
  • ‘Get FURTHER Direction’   -   Taking handling and handling exercises MUCH further and make things far more reliable and increase confidence.
  • ‘I’m a Believer’   -  A workshop to generally increase confidence in the less confident dog…and maybe handler… and get them operating more freely and stop overthinking things…


As well as these workshops being scheduled in our usual programme, throughout the year, private hire groups can book to have one or more of the workshops above trained at a date of their choosing. Minimum of 6 dogs per workshop. Please do ask for details.



“I have trained with Di @ Wylanbriar Training for the last three years and would not even consider changing to another trainer despite the fact that many others are nearer to my home. Di is an amazing trainer who not only makes every session fun for both dogs and owners but also gears her practices to the individual needs of each dog ensuring that they can make the progress of which they are capable.”

Cathy Brooks

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